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WHO CAN RECOVER IN A MINNESOTA WRONGFUL DEATH CLAIM? Minnesota law allows the family members, called “next of kin”, of any person who dies as the result of the fault of another person or entity to recover “damages” in a law suit. The term “next of kin” includes spouses (husbands and wives), parents, children and...
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INJURY LAWYERS MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA-INJURIES CAUSED BY DRUNK DRIVERS. DRUNK DRIVING IS A MAJOR CAUSE OF CAR ACCIDENT RELATED INJURIES AND DEATHS. Reliable statistics published by an agency of the federal government and other respected sources reveal the following: Over 10,000 people die each year in drunk driving related collisions. (That amounts to approximately 1/3 of...
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 TOP MINNEAPOLIS WRONGFUL DEATH LAWYERS PRODUCE A RECENT $2 MILLION SETTLEMENT The Schmidt Salita Law Team announces the successful wrongful death settlement for $2 Million Dollars in the case of a minor, namely the case of “Minor Decedent vs. Defendant accident”.  The settlement was reached under a confidentiality agreement.  Accordingly, the details of the...
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ANOKA INJURY LAWYER,WRONGFUL DEATH-EXPERIENCED, SUCCESSFUL, AV RATED ANOKA INJURY LAWYER-5 STAR RATED BY CLIENTS. Attorney Doug Schmidt of the Schmidt Salita Law Team has established himself as a top Anoka Injury Lawyer.  Schmidt is AV rated, 5 star rated with 40 years experience in personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Schmidt is a member of the Schmidt...
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FACTS ABOUT MINNESOTA WRONGFUL DEATH CLAIMS MINNESOTA WRONGFUL DEATH INJURY LAWYERS-FACTS ABOUT WRONGFUL DEATH CLAIMS IN MINNESOTA. Minnesota law allows the family members of a person killed as a result of the fault of another person to recover in what is termed a Minnesota wrongful death claim. The Minnesota wrongful death injury. It lawyers at...
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A Wrongful Death settlement was recently approved by Judge Christina Wietzema in the Cottonwood County Courthouse in Windom, Minnesota. The case involved the death of a Minneapolis, Minnesota man who was killed in a collision between the car in which he was riding as a passenger.  That car was driven by a Jackson, Minnesota driver...
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