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The Clients of the Schmidt-Salita Law Team say

Doug Schmidt’s Reviews

The Schmidt Law Firm recently represented us and I speak from personal experience.
The Schmidt Law Firm stands out amongst personal injury firms for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, the law firm operates under the leadership of Doug Schmidt who has a national reputation for standing up to large insurance companies when protecting the rights of injured people who are scared about the future.  Secondarily, the leadership team has taken great pains to cultivate a culture of concern for the welfare of its clients.  Finally, given the collective years of experience of its attorneys, the Schmidt Law Firm knows all the tricks used by insurance companies to avoid paying personal injury claims to lower their medical costs. 
What does this mean for you as a prospective client?  It means you have a nimble team of skilled attorneys standing resolutely by your side to deal with the paperwork, legal filings, medical bill tracking and most importantly a team that will provide you with the mental and emotional support needed when facing a life changing injury.  I personally witnessed Doug Schmidt take out his tool kit and thoroughly disassemble the insurance company and their lawyers who were putting up an unprecedented fight against our claim.  My wife almost went blind from her injury and the insurance company didn’t care about her at all.  When you find yourself in your own unprecedented legal fight you want Doug Schmidt and Stephanie Schommer standing by your side.

DT and CT

Being in a car accident is stressful. Not only does your body hurt, but your vehicle is damaged and your way of life is shaken up because the event. You have to deal with insurance companies, doctors, and rehab, and if the damage is great, you have lawyers to deal with too. Schmidt Law Firm takes the stress out of what can be one of the most ongoing stressful life events, clearly explaining the confusing world of personal injury litigation- and they do a great job. The support staff is courteous, prompt and efficient, and the lawyers are approachable and patient. What I love best about Doug is his dedication to raising awareness of Traumatic Brain Injury and his ongoing work on a state and national level to educate medical professionals on the subject. He is an expert in his field and knows his business well, drawing on decades of experience. He is honest and aggressive- two qualities you want when a lawyer is representing you. I highly recommend Schmidt Law Firm.


I have been a client of Schmidt Law Firm for the past several years and could not be more pleased with their outstanding customer service. I have had the privilege of working closely with Doug Schmidt and Stephanie Schommers and they both go above and beyond of what is expected of them. They truly care for their clientele and treat you with compassion. You feel that they are emotionally invested in your well-being. They are quick to answer emails, and return phone calls and always ready to help whenever an issue arises. I am so grateful I was referred to Schmidt Law Firm because their sound advice throughout my case has been invaluable!


Doug Schmidt and his team were a godsend – they were compassionate and professional in helping my sister and I navigate our mother’s Wrongful Death. They were easy to communicate with, and I always felt my concerns and opinions were being heard. I would recommend Schmidt Law Firm to anyone who asks.


I had an amazing experience with Schmidt Law Firm. Having worked with different attorneys prior to being referred to Schmidt Law, I found out very quickly my past experiences were mediocre at best. Doug and his team had me come to their office and meet face-to-face to discuss my case on numerous occasions. This made me feel I was valued as a client and I felt comfortable with my case. Also, I never questioned the status of my case because I was sent copies of any documents or letters that were being passed between Schmidt and other parties, I was emailed or called about important information and I was always given the opportunity to ask lots of questions. I’m not well versed in legal jargon or the legal process for that matter and having a team that was willing (happily) to answer my questions was huge. Because of their impeccable communication, friendly paralegals and determination to get me the justice I deserved, I highly recommend Schmidt Law Firm.


Schmidt Law Firm is so much more than the usual out for their back pocket firm they are a group of truly caring people. I was hit by a car & have memory loss. I don’t know how many times they all had to go over and over the same thing with me. They even gave me reminder calls for my doctors appointments. When things were so overwhelming I would call and all I could do is cry and they listened and never once complained or cut me short. Doug and Vanessa were all very helpful so was the rest of the staff. God Bless them all. By the way they got me a lot more than I had hoped for. You really don’t want to be on the opposing side of the table of Doug, he will rip you before you know he did it and he does it in such a nice way.


After my auto accident I was directionless. I was recommended to the Schmidt Law Firm by a previous, overly satisfied client who was a friend of a relative. It was a very long process for Doug and Vanessa to fight for my rights. They saw me through it and never gave up. They tackled the premium pig insurance companies on my behalf and won my case! I am happy to say I can afford the surgery that is needed to fix my back. I am overly grateful for everything Schmidt Law has done for my family and I. I would recommend them to all of my friends and family any time.


I was referred to Schmidt Law Firm and was very pleased with all the support and service they provided me. Whenever I had a question, or concern, they were there to help. I was very pleased to know I had very knowledgeable Attorney, Doug Schmidt, and his paralegals on my side. I would recommend anyone and everyone. You guys are the best!


Doug and his team are top notch. They are hard working and meticulous with getting the best results… I felt like I was in good hands through the entire process. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.


I feel very lucky to have Mr. Schmidt working for me. He took my case when my first lawyer would not and could not fight his way out of a paper bag. My case was very involved but Mr. Schmidt made it look so easy.


Dean Salita’s Reviews

Just a short note to touch base with you and express my gratitude! It may be business as usual for you, but I was worried about this for weeks! But your cool and calm demeanor on Tuesday allowed me to relax and breathe a sigh of relief. I feel very comfortable with you in my corner protecting my interests. I am truly blessed to have such an intelligent and talented young man to represent me. Win, Lose, or Draw I want to thank you for your efforts. You are a credit to your profession and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks again!


I wish to extend my thanks to you for being my lawyer in my slip and fall case. Thank you for all of your time, effort and expense you spent on my behalf. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who needs a lawyer with your specialty. I am glad we could settle without going to court. Thanks again for everything you did for me!


I owe you my life, since you saved mine. Forever grateful, and thankful.


It has been a long haul for you to finish the claim…I would like to thank you for all the hard work, kind words and patience with me…Thank Molly-she was also patient, and helpful with all of the questions I asked her. I would recommend your staff to anyone.
Best wishes to you Dean-again-thank you.


I wanted to extend my personal thanks and appreciation, as well as that of my siblings. We are appreciative of the representation you extended to our father. He always battled for the “little guy,” and you did that for him thru this process. Please extend this thank you to Molly as well.
Thank you,


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done to guide me through an ambiguous time. Your representation was both thorough and salutary, I always felt confident that my best interests were being supported. Your sincerity and people skills served as a source of stability, during a very trying and uncertain time.
At this time, I would like to offer both my validation and personal recommendation to anyone needing it. Once again a big thank you to both yourself and your staff.


I just want to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for all you have done to help me. I have been very pleased how you handled the “case.” I appreciate your promptness and the compassion you have shown me during this emotional and difficult time. Hopefully it is nearly over!
Also, we want to congratulate you on “earning top 50 in W.C” lawyers in the Law & Politics publication! That is an honor you deserved! Where was your picture?


Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all your efforts to collect benefits on behalf of my husband.
Your kindness and sympathy during our initial visit with you was very much appreciated.


Thank you for your effective representation, for your professionalism in negotiating with the defendants through the mediator, in your clear explanation and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our position, and the cordiality shown to me while I was in Minnesota for the settlement negotiations.


I wanted to tell you thank you for everything you have done for me I really appreciate it…I truly appreciate everything you did just taking the time to answer my questions, makes me feel good about what was going on and understanding what was happening and everything and just being patient with me. Again I truly appreciate having to work with you hoping this won’t happen again, but knowing if it does or referring people to you would be the person I would send somebody to. God bless,


Senior Partner Doug Schmidt has this to say about his client’s reviews:

The ratings of my clients are very important to me. That means that my clients, who have had actual experience with our firm, have given us the highest possible ranking. The lawyers can rank each other. They can pay a lot of money to be listed on all sorts of programs. But the greatest honor of all is that the good folks whose cases we have handled and who know us first hand, give us the highest rating.  That is a true blessing.