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The Schmidt-Salita Law Team has 75 combined years of experience in successfully representing the victims of Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation and Wrongful Death. During this period, the Schmidt-Salita Law Team lawyers have successfully completed more than 10,000 cases.

Our track record includes the following:

Multi-Million Dollar Cases

The Schmidt-Salita Law Team has earned numerous multi-million dollars jury awards and we are not afraid to take cases to trial to maximize our client’s settlements.

Senior partner Minneapolis accident attorney, Doug Schmidt has been inducted to membership in the Minnesota Million Dollar Roundtable, whose membership is limited to lawyers who have earned a jury verdict, at trial, in excess of $1 million dollars, and Mr. Salita has been an invite as well. Mr. Schmidt has earned three such jury awards for his clients. Mr. Salita has many different resolutions worth seven and eight figures. Mr. Schmidt has served several terms as President of the Minnesota Million Dollar Roundtable.

Cases Against Major Corporations

The Schmidt-Salita Law Team has handled cases against many of America’s giant corporations, including the following:

    • $2.2 million for truck driver.
    • Chubb Insurance Company-insurance fraud of Midwest Farmers for $53 million!!
    • Mayo Clinic-$1 million dollar jury verdict in a medical malpractice case.
    • Abbott Northwestern Hospitals-two cases of sexual assault of patients in the total amount of $1.5 million dollars.
    • Allstate Insurance Company-insurance fraud of injury victim for $220,000.
    • Ford Motor Company-product liability defect in pickup truck for $600,000.
    • Ciba-Geigy Chemical Company-non-performance of agricultural herbicides for $800,000.
    • Bell Helicopter-$2.4 million in a wrongful death cases involving an aircraft crash.
    • Claim against major insurance company (identity confidential) for $2.2 million.
    • Dow Chemical Company- defective chemical-(amount confidential).
    • Grand Laboratories-$1.4 million dollar jury verdict and court award in the case of defective vaccine.
    • $200,000 settlement for a man injured in collision with R.R. Train, where six other lawyers had turned down the case.
    • $2.4 million jury verdict for victim of medical malpractice.
    • $2,000,000.00 settlement in a Wrongful Death Case.
    • $1.6 million in medical malpractice case.
    • $1.4 million in trucking collision death claim.
    • $620,000 for Injury to Motorcycle Driver.
    • $450,000 for Injuries from Mack truck collision.
    • $900,000 Court Award in Farm Injury.
    • $300,000 for Man Injured in ATV accident.
    • $600,000 for Zamboni Lung Injuries.
    • $600,000 in Medical Malpractice Case.
    • $800,000 Judgment in Nursing Home Death case.
    • $743,000 jury verdict in car accident.
    • $445,000 in slip & fall case.
    • $440,000 in sexual assault jury verdict.
    • $600,000 recovery for victims of lung injuries.
    • $3 million plus in No Fault recoveries.
    • $8 million in medical malpractice recoveries.

In addition, the Schmidt-Salita Law Team has handled many other Product Liability claims against Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Black & Decker, International Harvestor, John Deere, J.I. Case, Dow Chemical and many other large corporations.

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