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    “After my auto accident I was direction less. I was recommended to the Schmidt-Salita Law Team by a previous, overly satisfied client who was a friend of a relative. It was a very long process for Doug and Vanessa to fight for my rights. They saw me through it and never gave up. They tackled the premium pig insurance companies on my behalf and won my case! I am happy to say I can afford the surgery that is needed to fix my back. I am overly grateful for everything Schmidt Law has done for my family and I. I would recommend them to all of my friends and family any time.”


    “Schmidt-Salita Law Team is so much more than the usual out for their back pocket firm they are a group of truly caring people. I was hit by a car & have memory loss. I don’t know how many times they all had to go over and over the same thing with me. They even gave me reminder calls for my doctors appointments. When things were so overwhelming I would call and all I could do is cry and they listened and never once complained or cut me short ,Doug ,Vanessa,and Roxann were all very helpful so was the rest of the staff. God Bless them all. By the way they got me a lot more than I had hoped for. You really don’t want to be on the opposing side of table of Doug he will rip you before you know he did it and he does it in such a nice way.”