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Our legal team has delivered exceptional results for our clients across the Twin Cities, including those in Elk River, Minnesota. The Schmidt & Salita Law Team has worked closely with our clients to understand their cases, get to know them, and fight as hard as we can for their rights and for justice to be served. Our team has been laser-focused on these ideas of personability, responsibility and justice for our clients since partner and senior trial lawyer Doug Schmidt began his career. He has helped foster a culture of passion and a dogged attitude to best serve our clients, and it has been working for many years in and around the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, especially in Elk River.

Situated at a key bend in the Mississippi River where the town’s namesake, Elk River, merges into the Mississippi, Elk River’s historic downtown comes alive along main street. Among the family farms that have been part of the city for decades, more and more neighborhoods continue to pop up, as Elk River has become one of the hottest towns just outside of the Twin Cities metro area to attract new residents with new construction and wide, open spaces. In the past 20 years, Elk River has grown by nearly 10,000 residents to roughly 26,000 total. With more people around comes more roads, jobs and unfortunately, personal injuries. The Schmidt & Salita Law Team is here to provide you exceptional injury law service in the growing community of Elk River.

Schmidt & Salita has more than 100 years of success working for the results our clients deserve in their personal injury cases, including car accidents, boat injuries, motorcycle crashes and much more. Remember, you don’t have to go downtown Minneapolis to find the best personal injury lawyers. Our office is conveniently located right off of Interstates 494 and 394, roughly 25 miles from Elk River. Our office location is accessible with free, spacious parking with none of the worries of heading downtown.

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From the southeast part of town near Dayton on US Highway 10 or near the historic downtown on Main Street on the Mississippi River across from Otsego, Schmidt & Salita Law Team can help your personal injury case.

Our firm, serving the Northwest Metro, including Elk River, is top-rated by our satisfied clients that worked with us to have justice served and have their voices heard in their personal injury cases to help get their life back to normal. We know your case deserves effective and experienced legal direction, which Schmidt & Salita has been doing for our clients for more than 50 years as a firm, with more than 100 years experience collectively.

We have wide-ranging experience to provide representation for almost any type of personal injury case, including:

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Schmidt & Salita offers our clients contingent fee agreements, which means you won’t pay lawyers’ fees until you collect on your case, and then only as a percentage of your settlement. This has two main advantages. First, it allows you, the client, to get the personal injury attorney services you require when you otherwise wouldn’t be financially able to pay for one. Second, a contingent fee agreement has a built-in incentive for the lawyer to do a stellar job because the larger the settlement, the more the attorney is paid.

We offer home and/or hospital visits for clients to ease some of the burden you already have while injured in finding a lawyer. Our team is happy to meet with you in Elk River and discuss your case and how our team can fight for you. Contact our firm today for a free consultation or give us a call to discuss your case at 952-473-4530.