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Spinal Injection

The accident and injury lawyers at the Schmidt-Salita Law Team have over 75 years combined experience in bringing justice to the victims of spinal cord injuries.  Our lawyers have a wealth of experience both legal experience and medical experience, with the many types of spinal cord injuries that can result from trauma in car accidents, slip and fall accident, workplace accidents and a large variety of other traumatic events.

It has been estimated that the annual incidence of spinal cord injury is approximately 12,000 new cases every year.  Reliable statistics show that 36.5% of spinal cord injuries are caused by vehicular or motor vehicle accidents. Approximately 28% result from slip and falls. Approximately 9% result from sport injuries with football been a major cause.

The Schmidt-Salita Law Team has recently successfully handled several cases of severe spinal cord injury resulting from medical malpractice.

Spinal cord injuries include paraplegia (spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis of the arms) tetraplegia/quadriplegia (spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis of both arms and legs), as well as lesser but serious insults to the spinal cord, such as myelomalacia (injury to the spine causing softening of the spinal cord).

Spinal cord injuries are usually very seriously disabling and the victims of spinal cord injury require the services of an aggressive, successful attorney-one knowledgeable in the handling of spinal cord injury cases.

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