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Detailed Advice on Your Insurance and Medical Care Rights in Minneapolis

The Schmidt-Salita Law Team is committed to helping Minnesota Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation victims understand their rights following an accident. We make every effort to shield clients from the high-pressure tactics of insurance providers and ensure that injury victims receive the quality medical care they deserve.

Your Insurance & Medical Care Rights

You have many rights following a Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation accident, including the right to:

Choose your medical provider

Many insurance companies will pressure you into visiting a doctor or hospital of their choosing for medical treatment. Requiring you to be treated by a specific provider is against the law, however. You have the right to seek treatment from the medical provider of your choosing.

Seek a second opinion

To reduce costs, insurance companies often deny accident victims the option of seeking a second opinion on their medical condition. As an injury victim, you have the right to visit multiple care providers, including specialists.

Retain legal counsel

Dealing with insurance providers can be difficult, especially when they attempt to pressure you into accepting a low-ball settlement offer. You have the right to retain legal counsel to handle all discussions with the insurance company for you. This allows you to focus on recovery, rather than dealing with the high-pressure tactics of insurance companies.

Pursue compensation

You have the legal right to pursue compensation for all losses relating to your medical care. This includes any out of pocket expenses and the costs of future treatment, including physical therapy and diagnostic testing.

As a Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation victim, it is important to remember that insurance companies do not always have your best interests in mind. In most cases, insurance adjusters are encouraged to settle claims for the lowest amount possible to protect the bottom line of the companies they work for. This is especially the case in more “controversial” types of care and more challenging claims involving fault.

Tackling Complex Issues on Your Behalf

Turn to our experienced, dedicated team if your case involves any of the following insurance or medical care issues:

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