Injury, Workers Comp, & Wrongful Death Lawyers

How much is my case worth?

The value of a Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation case depends on many factors.

First, the degree of fault of the responsible party must be considered.  The more fault, the better the case.

Secondly, the amount of fault of the injured person must be considered.

Next the severity of the injury and pain, the amount of permanent disability, the amount of the medical bills, lost wages, and other items of damages must be considered.

Finally, the financial ability of the At-Fault party to pay must be considered. In most cases, that is determined by the amount of insurance coverage. It is very difficult to get a $100,000.00 settlement from a party with only $30,000.00 of insurance.

Schmidt-Salita Law Team has more than 75 combined years’ experience in evaluating what Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation cases are worth and will help you to make that decision.