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Slip (Trip) & Fall Accidents

Many people are injured every year by “slip and fall” injuries and “trip and fall” injuries.

A “slip and fall” injury occurs when the victim falls as the result of a slippery condition, such as ice, snow, water or a foreign substance.

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A “trip and fall” injury occurs when something causes the victim to trip on an uneven surface, a foreign object, or some other situation.

When a person is injured on someone else’s property, the owner of the property may be legally responsible the pay damages to the injured person under Minnesota Premises Liability Law. That law states that a property owner is responsible when dangerous or unsafe conditions become a safety hazard.

Minnesota premises liability cases include injuries or death occurring in slip-and-fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, garage door injuries, injuries from unsafe steps, stairs, decks, roofs, or windows. Premises liability can also include injuries occurring on construction sites, factories, and farm accidents, in which workers and/or non-workers are injured.

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The victims of a “slip and fall” injury or a “trip and fall” injury should not delay contacting the a Minnesota slip and fall attorney at Schmidt-Salita Law Team – waiting to present your case can increase the difficulty of a successful outcome.

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