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Taxi Accidents

When you get in a taxi cab, you are putting your faith in the driver’s ability to get you to your destination safely. When the cab driver fails at this duty, he holds all legal responsibility for your injuries. If you have been injured while riding in a taxi cab, please contact a skilled Minneapolis taxi cab accident attorney.

While most taxi drivers are respectful, responsible drivers, others will do whatever it takes to maximize their number of clients per day. These dangerous drivers are the ones who give cabbies a bad name as they race through traffic and slide in and out of lanes. When one of these cab drivers gets in an accident, you may not only be able to file a vehicle accident claim in Minnesota against the driver, you may also be able to claim punitive damages for his terribly reckless behavior.

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If the accident was caused by another driver, but your taxi driver could have acted to avoid it, your Minneapolis car accident lawyer may be able to file suit against both drivers who caused your injuries. This will allow you to collect the full damages available to you for your suffering as each person will have to pay for their role in the accident.

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When you work with The Schmidt-Salita Law Team, a Minneapolis car accident attorney will fully investigate the accident in order to collect all possible evidence for your case. We will uncover the driver’s records to see if he has a record of accidents or tickets in order to back up a charge of recklessness. Your Minneapolis injury lawyer will also ensure that your cab driver was legally permitted to operate a taxi in the state. If he was illegally operating the cab, you may be eligible for a much greater financial reward.

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