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Primary Homemaker Services Under Minnesota Law

The Minnesota law provides a special benefit for ‘PRIMARY HOMEMAKERS’ who are injured in car accidents and unable to continue to perform their homemaker duties because of their injuries.  This is a special benefit under Minnesota law.  No other state has similar provisions!

Who is a “primary homemaker”?  A primary homemaker is the person who provides the majority (i.e. 51%) of the household, homemaker and child care duties.  These duties include cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, home repair and maintenance, child care and a host of similar functions.

How much can be recovered?  Under Minnesota law, the primary homemaker who is unable to continue to perform these duties can recover the “reasonable value” of the services that he or she is unable to perform, based on prevailing wage rates for workers doing similar tasks up to $200 per week.

These benefits are recoverable even if the injured person does not pay another person to do the work.  Typically, other family members or friends will help the injured homemaker in doing this work.

How badly injured do you have to be to collect?  The primary homemaker does not need to be severely disabled to collect.  The test is one of “reasonableness.”  In other words, were the injuries bad enough that it was reasonable for other people to “pitch in” and help, even if the injured person was physically able to do the work, but with pain, etc.

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