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Nursing Home Abuse Claims

Minnesota nursing home claims are controlled by Minnesota Statute § 573.02 and Minnesota Jury Instruction § 91.75, which determines permissible Minnesota wrongful death damages from nursing home abuse.  Although, there is no cap on damages and punitive damages are available in the most extreme cases, Minnesota does not allow compensation for some of the things that matter most in a wrongful death action; grief and emotional distress of the next-of-kin, pain and suffering in the death of the victim, an amount to punish the defendant unless specifically included by motion to the court.  That is why you need an experienced attorney at the Schmidt-Salita Law Team who is able to show systemic problems with the facility, management oversight and other issues that help support the claim.

Schmidt-Salita Law Team handles nursing home and assisted living claims due to some of the following negligent acts:

  • Patient Falls
  • Patient Being Dropped During Transfer
  • Unsanitary Conditions Causing Bed Sores / Pressure Ulcers and Infections
  • Patient Scalded with Hot Water
  • Inadequate Food and Water Supply
  • Inadequate Supervision/Neglect
  • Medication Errors
  • Errors in Patient Care
  • Dehydration
  • Physical Abuse
  • Wandering & Elopement
  • Infectious Diseases (MRSA, C-Diff)
  • Elder Burn Injuries
  • Choking & Asphyxiation
  • Breathing Tube Care
  • Urinary Infections & Sepsis
  • Violation of Resident Rights
  • Patient Lift Injuries and Other Improper Use of Medical Equipment

Schmidt-Salita Law Team has over 75 years’ combined experience in cases involving nursing home and assisted living abuse and wrongful death.