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DUI Accidents

Getting in a dangerous or deadly car accident is devastating. But when the driver of that vehicle was drunk, it is like adding insult to injury. Every state in America has recognized the danger of drunk drivers and made it illegal to drive while intoxicated. Despite these laws, 10,265 people died in alcohol related DUI car accidents nationwide in 2015. In the last ten years, drunk drivers cause an average of six fatal DUI car accidents per year just in Minneapolis.

If an inebriated driver gets in an accident, the victim may sue using the same evidence available in the criminal trial. In a civil case against a drunk driver, your Minneapolis auto accident attorney must prove that the person was drunk and then argue the DUI accident claim to get compensation for property damage, injuries or deaths.

Our Minneapolis Accident Lawyers can review your legal options following a DUI

Victims of drunk drivers cannot rely on the criminal charges to provide restitution for the crime committed. They must hire a Minneapolis DUI car accident lawyer to file a lawsuit against the drunk driver.

Additionally, the victim can file a lawsuit against the facility that provided the drunk driver with alcohol. If a person was under 21 or plainly drunk already, the bartender should not have served him or her alcohol, making the establishment partially responsible under our state’s dram shop law.

An experienced Minneapolis auto accident lawyer can be critical in gaining reimbursement for medical expenses, property damage, loss of wages, punitive damages, and more. If you were the victim of a DUI car accident in Minneapolis, MN, stand up for your rights. Contact The Schmidt-Salita Law Team to schedule your free case evaluation with an experienced Minneapolis DUI car accident attorney.