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Wrongful Death
BEST MINNEAPOLIS WRONGFUL DEATH LAWYERS-70 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE, SUCCESSFUL RESULTS. MINNEAPOLIS WRONGFUL DEATH LAWYERS have 70 years’ experience in bringing justice to the families of the victims of personal injury resulting in death due to the fault of another.  That experience includes a wide variety of cases including the following: -Car Accidents; -Trucking Accidents; –Farming accidents;...
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A Wrongful Death settlement was recently approved by Judge Christina Wietzema in the Cottonwood County Courthouse in Windom, Minnesota. The case involved the death of a Minneapolis, Minnesota man who was killed in a collision between the car in which he was riding as a passenger.  That car was driven by a Jackson, Minnesota driver...
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Minneapolis Injury Lawyers Answer Questions About Minnesota’s Comparative Negligence Law. Minneapolis Injury Lawyers say the basis of any injury claim is the proof of fault.  In order for an injury or wrongful death victim to have a valid claim, they must be able to prove negligence or “fault” on the part of the party causing...
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