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MINNESOTA PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS-FACET JOINT INJURIES TO NECK AND BACK. The personal injury lawyers are the Schmidt Salita Law Team are experienced in the handling of personal injury cases involving injuries to the head (traumatic brain injuries and concussion injuries) as well as to the neck and back (fractures of the vertebrae, herniations of the...
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SACROILIAC JOINT INJURY LAWYER The Sacroiliac Joint Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have experience in handling cases involving injury to the sacroiliac joint.  Recently, Douglas Schmidt won a jury trial against American Family Insurance which involved a sacroiliac joint injury to Schmidt’s client. The sacral0iliac joint connects the pelvis bone to the...
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FACET JOINT INJURY LAWYERS-RADIOFREQUENCY NEUROTOMY, RHIZOTOMY The Facet Joint Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team know that facet joint injuries have been recently recognized in the medical literature and in medical practice as a major cause of chronic neck and back pain lasting more than 1 year after a car accident or other...
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