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concussion injury
CONCUSSION INJURY LAWYERS know that medical records are important evidence in any personal injury case.  When a person has sustained a concussion injury, it is important that the medical records provide solid evidence of that injury. All health care providers are required by law to give all injury and disease conditions the proper ICD10 coding....
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CONCUSSION, MILD TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES-LONG OVERLOOKED. For decades, our society has neglected the consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Only recently, have we awakened Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in professional football players. Notwithstanding a lot of improvement, our society remains much in the dark ages in every other aspect of traumatic brain injuries outside of...
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MINNESOTA CONCUSSION INJURY LAWYERS-SCHMIDT-SALITA LAW TEAM SPECIALIZES IN CONCUSSION RECOGNITION. Minnesota Concussion Injury Lawyers on the Schmidt-Salita Law Firm’s Concussion/TBI Team is Minnesota’s Top Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation firm.  They represent the victims of traumatic brain injury and concussion. MINNESOTA CONCUSSION INJURY LAWYERS-EXPERIENCE WITH CONCUSSIONS IN YOUTH SPORTS. Douglas Schmidt, one of the senior...
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CONCUSSION INJURY ATTORNEY, MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA KNOWS CONCUSSIONS ARE OFTEN OVERLOOKED. –How many concussions are overlooked? How often do concussion injuries go unnoticed?  For many years, the medical community has overlooked the serious consequences of a mild traumatic brain injury, post concussion syndrome injury, have been overlooked, ignored and largely disrespected by the medical community.  Many...
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