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Concussion, Whiplash, and Brain Injury
CONCUSSION, MILD TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES-LONG OVERLOOKED. For decades, our society has neglected the consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Only recently, have we awakened Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in professional football players. Notwithstanding a lot of improvement, our society remains much in the dark ages in every other aspect of traumatic brain injuries outside of...
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MINNEAPOLIS PERSONAL INJURY ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS KNOW WHIPLASH INJURIES COMMONLY OCCUR IN CAR ACCIDENTS MINNEAPOLIS PERSONAL INJURY ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have over 70 years experience with injuries from car accidents.  They know that whiplash injuries frequently result from car accidents, trucking collisions, motorcycle accidents, and any other type of motor vehicle...
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MINNEAPOLIS WHIPLASH INJURY LAWYER-SCHMIDT SALITA LAW TEAM MINNEAPOLIS WHIPLASH INJURY LAWYER SPEAKS TO NATIONAL ONLINE SEMINAR ON NECK AND BACK INJURY CASES. MINNEAPOLIS WHIPLASH INJURY LAWYER Douglas E.Schmidt, the senior trial lawyer at the Schmidt Salita Law Firm, recently presented in a national webinar called Bringing Justice to The Victims of Neck and Back Injury....
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