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HYPONATREMIA (LOW SODIUM) IN MEDICAL & NURSING HOME MALPRACTICE The medical malpractice lawyers at Schmidt Salita Law Firm know that dehydration is a serious circumstance that can cause low sodium levels in the body.  That condition is called Hyponatremia.  The symptoms are nausea and malaise (a general, hard-to-identify discomfort or illness) in milder cases. In...
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HENNEPIN COUNTY INJURY LAWYERS  The Schmidt Salita Law Team provides personal injury, workers compensation and wrongful death legal services to Hennepin County, Minnesota, as well as the entire greater Twin Cities metropolitan area. The Schmidt Salita Law Team is a group of experienced personal injury lawyers and legal assistants who collectively have over 70 years of...
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The Brain Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have collectively over 70 years experience in bring justice to the victims of personal injury, especially the victims of Concussion injuries and Traumatic Brain injuries.  That success includes injuries from car accidents, bicycle accidents and motorcycle accident.   $500,000.00 SETTLEMENT FOR BICYCLIST-CONCUSSION INJURY. The Schmidt...
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