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Experienced Minnesota dog and animal bite attorneys at the Schmidt-Salita Law Team know that a person who has suffered a dog-bite injury, or has been injured as the result of being attacked by a dog, has the right to collect damages from the owner of the dog under Minnesota’s Dog Bite law which provides that the owner is legally responsible for the injuries caused by the dog.

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The dog bite victim doesn’t have to prove the dog owner’s negligence in order to collect on the part of the dog owner. Under Minnesota law, the dog’s owner is “strictly liable”. That means that the owner is legally responsible to pay money damages to the victim of a dog bite or other injuries caused by a dog attack without the need to prove fault or negligence on the part of the owner. The only defense available is that the dog was provoked by the victim.

The owner is liable even if the dog simply knocks the person down and causes injury such as broken bones, head injuries or other injuries. Damages in dog bite cases are usually covered by homeowner insurance of the dog owner.

Lawyers for Injury from Other Kinds of Animals

Animal attack injury victims who have suffered injury by animals other than dogs, whether horses, cattle, hogs, or otherwise, also have rights under Minnesota law to collect damages for their injuries in the event that negligence can be proven on the part of the animals owner.

Schmidt-Salita Law Team can provide an experienced Minnesota dog bite and animal attorney in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area in Minnesota who will provide a free case evaluation.

The Schmidt-Salita Law Team can also put you in touch with an experienced lawyer for other animal attack claims in Minnesota as well.

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