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Minnesota workers who sustain a head injury, a traumatic brain injury or concussion injury at work are entitled to compensation under Minnesota’s Workers Compensation Laws.

The Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team want you to know these facts about concussion injuries in the workplace:

Fact:  Concussions are traumatic brain injuries.

Fact:  Over 50% of concussion injury victims do not seek medical attention.

Fact:  Studies show that over 50% of concussion injuries are overlooked in the emergency room of hospitals.

Fact: Many concussion injury occur in the workplace.

Fact:  The number of concussions reported to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry increased 6 times from 2009 to 2018.  (This is not because there were that many more concussions.  No-it was because there were more concussions recognized and reported!!)

Fact:  78% of the concussion injuries reported to insurance companies involved lost time.  (That was 5 times greater than for other non-concussion claims!)

Fact:  Concussion injuries often involve long term symptoms-and the victims are entitled to Minnesota Workers Compensation benefits.

Fact:  Both mild, moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries can be compensated under Minnesota Workers Compensation laws.

Concussion Injury Victims Are Entitled to Minnesota Workers Compensation Benefits.

The Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyers are the Schmidt Salita Law Team want you to know that benefits under the Minnesota Workers Compensation Law include the following:

  1. PAYMENT OF YOUR MEDICAL BILLS: You can get your medical and chiropractic bills paid by Workers’ Compensation insurance. There are caps on the percentage of the bills paid but the remainder is not generally plaintiff’s responsibility.

  2. WAGE LOSS REIMBURSEMENT: You can receive compensation for the wages that you lost because of your injury.

  3. DISABILITY BENEFITS: You can receive a money payment to reimburse you for your permanent disability. Workers’ Compensation does not pay for Pain and Suffering but for functional loss. If you get paid a check-that is NOT a settlement. Settlements must be approved by Workers’ Compensation Court.

  4. REHAB ASSISTANCE: You are entitled to pick your own rehab counselor.

There are many other types of benefits that you can collect when you are injured on the job in Minnesota.

These benefits are paid by the insurance company of the person or company that you were working for when injured.  If the employer had no Workers’ Compensation insurance, you may be able to collect these benefits from the State of Minnesota.

IF YOU ARE INJURED ON THE JOB, you should immediately report the injury to your employer. They are responsible, not you, for filling out the first report of injury. Then, ask that the claim be turned over to the employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance company.

An attorney at Schmidt-Salita Law Team can assist you in getting these benefits.  Even if you are receiving these benefits already, an attorney can help you to determine whether you are being paid the correct amount.

Under certain circumstances, you can collect Workers’ Compensation benefits and also make a claim against another party that might have been at fault in causing your injuries.  For example, if you are injured on the job while driving or riding in a motor vehicle and injured in a motor vehicle accident which was caused by the negligence of another driver, you may have both a Workers’ Compensation claim and a Third-Party Claim against the other driver, or his automobile insurance company. Construction accidents caused by another party, companies responsible for faulty products, property owners, among other non-employer parties.

Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help to Collect the Proper Medical Evidence to Support a Concussion-Injury Related Workers Compensation Claim.

Traumatic Brain Injuries are often overlooked by the medical profession.  Many workers with concussion injuries and traumatic brain injuries don’t seek medical attention, but end up with long term problems.  The Minnesota Work Comp Lawyers on the Schmidt Salita Law Team can help injured workers get proper compensation under the Minnesota Workers Compensation Law.  The process starts with getting a proper diagnosis of the condition from a competent medical provider.

Proving the nature and extent of concussion injuries and mild traumatic brain injuries requires the services of a personal injury lawyer who is experienced with this type of injury-and has experience working with the medical and psychological experts that specialize in those injuries.  The Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team include professionals with many years of experience in successfully representing the victims of concussion injuries.  They are trained to screen for concussion injuries and to assist the victims to getting to medical professionals who understand concussion injuries.

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The Schmidt Salita Law Team Handles a Wide Variety of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team handles cases involving car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian car accidents, and bicycle accidents.  It has many years’ experience in workers compensation , products liability and medical malpractice cases.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has extensive experience with concussion injuries, traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, whiplash injuries, broken bones, injured joint injuries (knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, ankle, spinal), amputation injuries, and vision and eye injuries.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has offices through out the State of Minnesota.  Its primary location is at Ridgedale Office Center in Minnetonka, near the intersection of I394 and I494.  The offices are handicap accessible with ample parking.


The Schmidt Salita Team Offers Contingent Fee Arrangements.

The firm offers contingent fee agreements (You don’t pay lawyers fees until you collect and then only as a percentage of the settlement).  It also offers home and hospital visits to clients whose injuries present difficulty in coming to the office.



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