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Ligament Injuries Caused by Whiplash in Car Accidents.

A very high percentage of the cases of moderate to major whiplash injury involve ligamentous damage. The chiropractic world has called ligamentous damage “subluxation” for over 100 years since it was described by Dr. Daniel David Palmer.
The medical community has come to agree that many whiplash injuries result in ligament damage where the major support structure of the spine is damaged.
It is now recognizing the result of the ligamentous injury (plastic deformity) as “Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity”. The American Medical Association recognizes the existence of AMSI, when it exists, to be the basis of a permanent impairment rating. See AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Ed.

Computerized Measurement of Ligament Damage.

Modern science has produced yet another method of accurately measuring the amount of ligament damage.  Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (CRMA) is a measurement method that can be effectively and reliably used to objectively prove the nature and extent of the AMSI. It is done by using a computer program to measure the extent of the “motion segment abnormality”.
Accurate measurement of the amount of ligament damage can be extremely helpful to the medical and chiropractic providers.  It provides valuable information to the treating doctor.   It can also be very valuable in proving the personal injury claim.  In one of the cases where the Schmidt Salita Car Accident Lawyers took the case to a jury trial in which CRMA evidence was presented to the jury, the verdict was over $700,000.00.

Lawyers With Experience in Proving Ligament Damage in Whiplash Cases.

The Car Accident Lawyers at the Schmidt & Salita Law Team have experience in working with experts to perform the Xrays needed for CRMA measurement and working with Board Certified Radiologists with experience interpreting CRMA measurements do the final analysis.

Ligament Damage-Important Part of Personal Injury Claim.

Our findings have established that approximately 90% of our clients with cervical whiplash injuries with symptoms lasting more than one year show significant motion segment abnormality-and nearly 30% actually show enough abnormality to justify a 25% impairment rating using the AMA Guides.

Having reliable information as to the nature and extent of the ligamentous damage and the excessive motion segment abnormality can be a very important piece of information, which is useful in the diagnosis and treatment of these injuries. In fact, this information could be very valuable from a malpractice standpoint in that some of the medical research indicates that excessive motion segment abnormality is a contraindication to normal, chiropractic manipulation.

Ligament Damage Causes Long-Term Spinal Degeneration.

The Car Accident Lawyers at Schmidt & Salita Law Team have also found that excessive motion segment abnormality can, over time, produce accelerated degeneration of the intervertebral discs and produce chronic myofascial pain disorder to the muscles that are overworked and overstressed to compensate for the loss of ligamentous integrity. In several cases, our clients with loss of motion segment integrity due to ligamentous damage have developed remarkably accelerated degeneration of the intervertebral discs and significant chronic myofascial pain syndrome.  In one such case, it was determined that a young lady had experienced the equivalent of 30 years of accelerated aging of her cervical spine in less than 3 years.  That was 10 times the normal aging process!!!


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