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The Concussion Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt & Salita Law Team have extensive experience in helping the victims of concussion injuries.  They offer the following advice regarding the use of helmets to protect against head injuries (concussion injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Helmets Do Not Protect Against Concussion Injuries.

The U.S. Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center has produced a Fact Sheet with recommendations for helmet safety to avoid concussion injuries.  It contains this information to avoid concussions:

1. Helmets do not make you concussion-proof.  But they can help to protect against more serious head or brain injury.  They protect against skull fractures.  They do not protect against concussion injuries where the brain is slammed back and forth against the hard surface of the skull.

2. This is true regarding helmets for football, baseball, bicycling or motorcycles.

Remember, helmets did not protect the NFL football players from the severe effects of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy!

Helmet Safety Recommendations.

This advice applies to all helmets, including motorcycle, bicycle, football or baseball:

1.  Never wear a cracked or broken helmet.  A damaged helmet doesn’t provide adequate protection.

2.  Use your head. Replace your helmet after a lot of use or if it has any visible cracks or other damage.

3.  Never alter a helmet yourself.

4.  Regardless of wear and tear, any helmet that is five years past the manufacturing date should be replaced.

5.  Do not count on the helmet to protect against a concussion injury.

Advice From Experienced Concussion Injury Lawyers.

The Schmidt & Salita Law Team consists of lawyers and legal assistants who have extensive experience in helping the victims of concussion injuries, whether from a car accident, a trucking accident, a car-motorcycle crash, a car-bicycle crash or a car-pedestrian crash.  Remember that the first consultation is free.  The Schmidt Salita lawyers do handle concussion injury cases on a contingent fee basis.