Injury, Workers Comp, & Wrongful Death Lawyers


October 30, 2020
The SCHMIDT SALITA BIG TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYERS OF MINNEAPOLIS know this: BIG TRUCKS cause BIG CRASHES. BIG CRASHES cause BIG INJURIES. BIG INJURIES deserve BIG SETTLEMENTS. The MINNEAPOLIS BIG TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYERS at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have decades of experience in handling BIG TRUCK injury cases.  They have taken on BIG CASES, starting...
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HELMET SAFETY FOR CONCUSSION AVOIDANCE. The Concussion Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt & Salita Law Team have extensive experience in helping the victims of concussion injuries.  They offer the following advice regarding the use of helmets to protect against head injuries (concussion injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Helmets Do Not Protect Against Concussion Injuries. The...
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