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The victims of personal injuries in the motor vehicle collisions, including car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, car-bicycle accidents, and car pedestrian accidents  are subjected to trauma that includes the following:


Whiplash injuries to the neck and back occur when the foreword – backward movement of the neck and back stretches muscles, ligaments, nerves, and intervertebral discs beyond their normal anatomic range of motion. The result is injury, which can result in permanent disability.


The same whiplash forces it into the neck and back, also can cause “whiplash of the brain”, also known as a concussion injury. The symptoms include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, and mental disorder and mental disorganization.  Recent studies show that concussion injuries , long-term cognitive problems, such as reduced memory, concentration comprehension, and multitasking abilities.

Other studies show that for the 50% of the concussion injuries are not immediately diagnosed and develop progressively over a period of days, weeks and even months.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition of persistent medic, mental and emotional stress occurring as a result of an injury or severe psychological shock caused by exposure to a dangerous event or witnessing serious injury to another person. The symptoms typically involve constant vivid recall from the experience, disturbance of sleep. Panic attacks, sleep difficulties, and avoidance of activities.

Concussion injuries and PTSD often occur simultaneously.  Recent studies show that soldier victims of concussion injury also experience PTSD and vice-versa in nearly 50% of the cases.

LAWYERS FOR CONCUSSION, WHIPLASH AND PTSD VICTIMS:  The personal injury lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have 70 years experience collectively in the successful representation of the victims of concussion, whiplash and PTSD injuries.

They are 5 star rated by happy clients.

They offer free initial consultations with a lawyer.

MINNEAPOLIS INJURY LAWYER-Top Rated, Experienced, Successful.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team is a 5 star ratedAV rated personal injury and wrongful death law firm.  The Team’s lawyers have 70 years of experience in over 10,000 successful cases throughout the State of Minnesota in both the Minnesota State Courts and the U.S. District Courts in Minnesota.

MINNEAPOLIS INJURY LAWYER-Experienced, competent staff.

The lead lawyers are Douglas Schmidt and Dean Salita, supported by a large staff of associate lawyers and legal assistants.  The staff also has over 70 additional years of experience in personal injury and wrongful death claims.  The competency of the staff is very important.  When an injured person hires a trial lawyer, they want a lawyer that is experienced and busy, often in court or hearings.  That means that it is important that the staff be present to deal with the clients needs on a daily basis.

You Don’t Have to Go Downtown for a Great Lawyer.

Both Schmidt and Salita worked for many years in downtown law firms.  They are acknowledged as among the best personal injury and wrongful death lawyers in the State of Minnesota.  They have both left downtown Minneapolis in order to provide “downtown quality” legal services at locations more accessible to their injury clients. Many folks simply can’t negotiate the skyways and ramps of downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul.  One of the mottos of the Schmidt Salita Law Team is “You Don’t Have To Go Downtown For a Great Injury Lawyer!”

Douglas Schmidt is a Highly Respected, Highly Rated Injury Lawyer With a Great Track Record of Success.

Schmidt is a highly respected attorney who has received many awards respecting the quality of his legal abilities and accomplishments.  He has received the Award of Merit of the American Bar Association. He has twice received the Distinguished Service Award of the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association, now the Minnesota Association of Justice. He has been rated AV by Martindale Hubbell for 35 years.  He has served as visiting lecturer at the University of Minnesota Law SchoolWilliam Mitchell Law School, and Gustavus Adolphus College.  He has served as President of the Million Dollar Roundtable, lawyers with $1 million jury verdicts in personal injury cases.

Schmidt is the founder of Lawyers Against Drunk Driving (LADD).  He is the founder and host of the West Metro Continuing Legal Education Consortium.

Dean Salita is Also Highly Respected and Highly Rated As a Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Lawyer.

Dean Salita is also a highly respected personal injury and wrongful death lawyer.  He has been recognized as a Super Lawyer.  He also is distinguished as one of the best workers compensation lawyers in the State of Minnesota.  He currently serves as the Chair of the Workers Compensation Committee of the Minnesota Association of Justice. He has a great track record in bringing justice to the victims of personal injury and wrongful death with million dollar recoveries.

Minneapolis MN personal injury lawyers

The Schmidt Salita Law Team Handles a Wide Variety of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team handles cases involving car accidentstrucking accidentsmotorcycle accidentspedestrian car accidents, and bicycle accidents.  It has many years’ experience in workers products liability and medical malpractice cases.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has extensive experience with concussion injuriestraumatic brain injuries, neck and back injurieswhiplash injuriesbroken bones, injured joint injuries (knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, ankle, spinal), amputation injuries, and vision and eye injuries.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has offices through out the State of Minnesota.  Its primary location is at Ridgedale Office Center in Minnetonka, near the intersection of I394 and I494.  The offices offer handicap accessible with ample parking.

The Schmidt Salita Team Offers Contingent Fee Arrangements.

The firm offers contingent fee agreements (You don’t pay lawyers fees until you collect and then only as a percentage of the settlement).  It also offers home and hospital visits to clients whose injuries present difficulty in coming to the office.


The Schmidt Salita Law Team has locations throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as Minnetonka, Maple GrovePlymouthOsseoAnokaCoon RapidsBrooklyn CenterFridleyBlaineShoreviewWoodburyFalcon HeightsColumbia ParkStillwaterHastingsInver GroveCottage GroveSouth St. PaulApple ValleyEaganBurnsvilleSavageShakopeeRichfieldBloomingtonChaskaChanhassenEdina, Eden Prairie, and Hopkins.