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How many concussions are overlooked? How often do concussion injuries go unnoticed?


For many years, the medical community has overlooked the serious consequences of a mild traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome injury, which has been overlooked, ignored, and largely disrespected by the medical community.  Many victims of concussion injury never seek medical attention and just suffer from the consequences.  In many cases where the victim does seek medical attention, the concussion is overlooked and ignored.  It is recognized in respected medical studies that a large number of concussion injuries go unreported.  Consequently, there is no way to determine just how many are overlooked.  Respected medical authorities have estimated that as many as a million concussion injuries are overlooked every year.


Only recently, the medical community has come to its senses.  It has begun to recognize that post-concussion injury is a serious consideration in sports, including football injuries, hockey injuries, wrestling injuries, and other sporting injuries. However, the consequences of concussion injuries remain largely overlooked and underappreciated by the majority of the medical community.


What facts about concussions are overlooked?

Even though there has been much advancement in the knowledge and understanding of the seriousness of concussion injuries, the medical community largely remains in the dark.  Some of the simple and indisputable facts about concussion injuries are these:

  1. A concussion is a brain injury.
  2. Most concussions recover soon after the injury.
  3. Many concussions do not recover and end up with long-term chronic problems.
  4. A large percentage of concussion victims do no seek medical attention.  (Schmidt Salita statistics show that approximately 60% of the victims of car accidents have suffered a concussion that has not been diagnosed or treated by medical doctors.)
  5. Emergency doctors cannot reliably screen for concussion injuries.
  6. A large percentage of concussion victims do not experience loss of consciousness. (Mayo Clinic estimates that 90% of the victims of concussions occurring in sporting events do not experience loss of consciousness. The World Health Organization has established an ICD10 code for “Concussion without LOC.”  The US Department of Defense has found that a significant number of soldiers returning from deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq have experienced a concussion injury that was overlooked until the post-deployment screening.)
  7. Post-Traumatic Amnesia (difficulty remembering events after the trauma) is a much better predictor of a concussion than loss of consciousness.
  8. Victims of a concussion injury are at increased risk for experiencing another concussion from a lesser trauma and with greater consequences.  (The risk is much higher in the time period immediately following the initial concussion.)


How can the Schmidt Salita lawyers help to find medical help for concussion victims?

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has been at the forefront of bringing justice to the victims of closed head injuries, concussion injuries, and mild traumatic brain injuries resulting from car accidents as well as other areas of personal injury. Respected medical articles recognize that the victims of car accident injuries are not properly screened in emergency medicine and urgent care, medicine in nearly 50% of the cases.

The staff of the Schmidt Salita Law Team routinely screens it’s the new clients who have been involved in a car accident injuries for the signs and symptoms of postconcussion syndrome. These symptoms include headache, blurred and double vision, mental disorientation, reduced cognitive function (poor memory, concentration, and comprehension), increased irritability (to light, sound, and commotion), dizziness, and balance problems, and difficulty sleeping.

Douglas E Schmidt, the senior trial lawyer at the Schmidt Salita Law Team notes that “Our initial screening shows that nearly 60% of our new clients who have been in a significant car accident have a clear-cut case of post-concussion syndrome that has been completely overlooked by the medical providers. It is our job, as personal injury lawyers, to get our clients to medical providers who are astute with regard to the signs and symptoms of a mild dramatic brain injury or concussion.”

Schmidt is the author of the publication entitled “Overlooked Concussion Injuries in Car Accidents”.  He was recently featured as a keynote speaker at the Brain Health Summit Online which was published nationally.  He recently was featured as a keynote speaker at the North Dakota Trial Lawyers annual convention in Fargo, North Dakota.  He has been asked to present at many Continuing Education Seminar for medical doctors, chiropractors, and lawyers.

Schmidt is recognized as a leading legal authority in subjects other that concussions and traumatic brain injuries.  He was served as an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Minnesota Law School, William Mitchell College of Law, Hamline Law School, the Northwestern Health Sciences University, and Gustavus Adolphus College.  He has lectured extensively at Continuing Legal Education seminars sponsored by the Minnesota Trial Lawyers, the Minnesota Association for Justice, the National Business Institute, Lorman Educational, and the Minnesota Bar Association.

You can suffer a serious concussion without
your head striking anything!!! The forces
of trauma involved in a severe whiplash
injury is sufficient to cause the brain to be
slammed into the hard surface of the interior
of the skull in what is medically termed a
“coup-contracoup” injury to the brain.

The long term consequences of a concussion injury should not be ignored. It is well documented in the medical literature that any concussion places the victim at increased risk for more serious consequences with a lesser amount of trauma in regard to a later concussion injury.


Let the Schmidt Salita Law Team bring justice to you if you have been the victim of a closed head injury.  In that last year, the Law Team has produced settlements of $800,000 in cases where the concussion injury was not initially diagnosed or where it was ignored initially.

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