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June 2020
RIGHTS OF BICYCLE INJURY VICTIMS-MINNESOTA LAWYERS. BICYCLES HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO THE USE OF HIGHWAYS THE SAME AS MOTOR VEHICLES. Minnesota law considers bicycles to be vehicles that are legally allowed to use the roadways of the state the same as motor vehicles. Accordingly, bicycle riders are required to follow the rules of the...
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Minnesota Car Accident Lawyers want you to know the facts about concussions and brain injuries from car accidents. Car Accidents-Major Cause of Brain Injuries and Death. Motor vehicle collisions are recognized as major cause of concussion injuries and brain injuries.  Every year, over 4 million people are injured seriously enough to require medical attention.  Annually,...
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Schmidt Presents to National Webinar on Ligamentous Injuries. Minneapolis Whiplash Injury Lawyer Douglas E Schmidt, the senior trial lawyer at the Schmidt Salita Law Team, recently was featured on a national webinar on the subject of “Ligamentous Injuries of the Cervical and Lumbar Spine”.  Webinar was sponsored by Spinal Kinetics. The Schmidt Salita Law Team...
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