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May 2020
MINNEAPOLIS INJURY LAWYERS-ST. PAUL ACCIDENT INJURY ATTORNEYS. 5 STAR RATED INJURY LAWYERS at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have served MINNEAPOLIS and ST. PAUL for over 70 years collectively. The Schmidt Salita Law Team is located conveniently to all of  Minneapolis and St. Paul residents.  It is a 5 star rated personal injury law firm...
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CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS, MINNEAPOLIS-DRIVER REACTION TIME CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS at the Schmidt Salita Law Team know that a large percentage of the car accidents that occur in Minnesota, or elsewhere, are rear-end collisions.  Rear end collision accidents usually occur because the driver of the car that does the “rear-ending” wasn’t able to stop in time...
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  INJURIES FROM CAR SEATS IN CAR ACCIDENTS -MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Car accidents are the leading cause of death to children. Statistics show that over 600 children are killed every year in car accidents. Nearly 180,000 children were injured in car accidents.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that even though there has been an...
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CAR ACCIDENTS with ELDERLY DRIVERS-MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Driving a vehicle requires good vision, fast reactions, and high alertness as people age these functions diminish making the operation of a motor vehicle more difficult and dangerous with age. Elderly drivers get into proportionately more car accidents. Elderly drivers involved in vehicle collisions suffer more severe injuries resulting...
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MINNETONKA CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS know that car accidents are a major cause of traumatic injuries in MINNETONKA as well as elsewhere in the US.  Nationally, over 30,000 people are killed in car accidents and over 2 million injured. MINNETONKA INJURY LAWYERS HAVE OVER 100 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN PERSONAL INJURY CASES. Together, the  lawyers at Schmidt...
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