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September 2019
The Schmidt-Salita Law Team extends this invitation to you to a Continuing Chiropractic Education Seminar on the following subjects’ Chiropractic Record Keeping and Boundaries Issues Overlooked Concussion Injuries-The Chiropractic Safety Net Diagnosing and Treating Ligamentous Injuries Imaging Presentation Speakers:       Sanjeev Arora, M.D.-MN Institute of Pain Management & Douglas E. Schmidt-Schmidt & Salita Law Team Place:           ...
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$2.24 Million Dollar Minnesota Brain Injury Award for Schmidt Salita Client. The Brain Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team has just successfully conclude another brain injury case with a successful result for the brain injury victim. The case involved brain damage resulting from medical negligence of doctors in a hospital setting, producing an...
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What is a QRC and do I need one? A QRC is a qualified rehabilitation consultant. In a Minnesota workers’ compensation claim, an injured worker has the right to have a QRC to assist the injured worker with vocational rehabilitation. Vocational rehabilitation is different than physical rehabilitation (like working with a physical therapist or occupational...
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