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Concussion Injuries Can Greatly Reduce a Victim’s Ability to Drive a Car.

Youth Sports Coaches Are Required by Law to Have Concussion Training-Law Enforcement Officers Are Not So Required.

38 states have required concussion education and the use of concussion screening in youth sports. Sadly, law enforcement officials who are required to attend the scene of motor vehicle collisions typically have no such training.  The victims of overlooked concussions who are allowed to leave the scene and drive home-and continue to drive after the collision are a significant public health risk because it is well documented in reliable research that concussion victims often have significantly diminished ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Drivers With a Concussion Injury Can Be As Impaired As Drunk Drivers.

Driving a motor vehicle is a very complex task that requires precise coordination of cognitive, motor and visual abilities, all the while requiring adaptation to a constantly changing, moving surrounding environment. All to these functions must work together, simultaneously. In order to ensure the safety of everyone on the road, drivers need to be alert with full use of their cognitive functions and physical coordination.  It has been observed that many of the brain functions are altered in a similar fashion to that of an alcohol-intoxicated person.  See Concussion Institute, Driving After Concussion, published online at

A research program including experts at the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University Medical School, along with a number of other respected experts, studied the effect of a concussion injury on the victim’s ability to safely drive an automobile. The result was that 93% of the subjects reported difficulty affecting driving a motor vehicle.  The most frequent specific causes were fatigue and reduced concentration. Bottari et. al., Driving Difficulties and Adaptive Strategies: The Perception of Individuals Having Sustained a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Rehab. Res. Pract. 2012; 837301 published online at

Research has established that individuals recovering from a recent mild traumatic brain injury are significantly slower to respond to traffic hazards. Preece,, Driving After Concussion: The Acute Effect of Mild Traumatic  Brain Injury on Driver’s Hazard Perception.  Neuropsychology, 24(4), 493.

A Person’s Driving Ability Can Remain Impaired Even After Apparent Recovery From the Concussion Injury.

Other research conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia has established that, even after apparent recovery from a concussion injury, concussion victims continue to have significant disabilities in the operation of a motor vehicle.  Schmidt et. al., Driving After Concussion: Is It Safe to Drive After Symptoms Resolve?, J. Neurotrauma (2017).

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