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May 2018
DELAYED CONCUSSION SYMPTOMS MINNESOTA CONCUSSION INJURY LAWYERS The Minnesota Concussion Injury Lawyer at the Schmidt Salita Law Team understand concussion injuries and traumatic brain injuries. They have over 70 years of collective experience in representing the victims of concussion injuries and motor vehicle collisions, trucking accidents, workplace accidents, farm equipment injuries, motorcycle accidents, and other...
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OVERLOOKED CONCUSSION INJURY-MINNESOTA TRUCKING ACCIDENT MINNESOTA CONCUSSION INJURY LAWYERS at the SCHMIDT SALITA LAW TEAM report yet another case of a severely overlooked and unaccessed concussion injury. ROBIN’S CASE;  Robin was coming home from work in rush hour traffic.  She stopped for traffic which was stopped ahead when she was violently rear-ended by a huge...
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Minneapolis Workers’ Comp Injury Lawyer Independent Medical Examinations (IME) for Your Minneapolis Work Comp Injury Has a Minneapolis workers’ compensation injury insurance company scheduled you for an independent medical examination (often referred to as an “IME”)? The first thing you should note is that the name, “independent” medical exam, can be misleading: they are called...
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PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER MINNEAPOLIS -MEMORIAL DAY SAFETY TIPS Memorial Day Weekend is a kick off for the summer season filled with fun celebrations – events with friends and family, grilling, or taking the boat out. The Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyers at Schmidt Salita Law Team wants to remind you to stay safe while enjoying fun...
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THE VALUE OF A MINNESOTA PERSONAL INJURY CASE. The personal injury lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have, collectively, over 70 years experience in bringing justice to the victims of personal injury cases.  They have produced million dollar settlements and jury verdict for their clients.  They wish to share this information about the value...
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Top Rated Work Comp Lawyer – Minneapolis Slip and Fall Work Injuries  Have you suffered a Minneapolis Slip and Fall Work Injury? Whether it was on the stairs, in a warehouse, walking into (or out of) your job, whether you were carrying something, were in a rush, or just tripped on the lip of a...
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