Injury, Workers Comp, & Wrongful Death Lawyers



How important is it to have a lawyer specializing in personal injury for your injury case?  The answer is “super important”.  Would you go to a foot doctor for a head injury?  A heart doctor for an allergy?  An eye doctor for a broken bone?  Of course not.  Those comparisons are not silly.  Legal specialties are as different as medical specialties-and finding the right specialty is just as important in the law and in medicine..

You don’t want to go to a divorce lawyer, or a real estate lawyer, or a tax lawyer for a personal injury.

MINNEAPOLIS LAWYERS SPECIALIZING IN PERSONAL INJURY know personal injury and don’t know other areas of law to the point where they would feel comfortable to handle cases in other areas of law.  The SCHMIDT SALITA LAW TEAM lawyers know what they are doing.  They know personal injury law.  They know medicine.  They are aggressive in representing the best interests of their injured clients.  They know has to prepare a personal injury case with the evidence of the fault that caused the injury and evidence of the nature and extent of of the injury, the pain and suffering, and the resulting disability.

SCHMIDT SALITA LAW TEAM is 5 star rated by clients that have personal experience with the SCHMIDT SALITA LAW TEAM lawyers.  How can a person know how to select a personal injury lawyer?  Answer: Check the reviews of their clients.  Wrong Answer: Trust the billboard or TV advertisement!!!