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The subject of concussion injuries in non-sporting traumatic events remains largely in the dark. The “Silent Epidemic” remains with concussions suffered in motor vehicle collisions and workplace injuries.

Yet, reliable authorities have identified motor-vehicle related trauma to be “the most common means of sustaining a TBI” (50%).  Following motor vehicle collisions, falls are the next highest cause of TBIs (25%).

In spite of recent gains, the significance of concussion injuries remains largely overlooked and neglected today-both by the public at large and the medical community.

Respected authorities estimate that 50% or more of concussion injuries are overlooked and ignored.  Many victims of concussion injuries never seek professional attention. Those that do seek treatment are not properly screened. (Emergency room doctors admit that they cannot reliably screen for concussion injuries.)

The massive oversight was the subject of a study by the Federal government, Minnesota’s state legislature, and those of other states, have taken matters into their hands and have mandated concussion screening for youth athletes.  Yet, while the subject of concussion injuries in sports has received attention, the subject of concussion injuries from car accidents and workplace injuries remains largely ignored.  Those victims too often do not even get the attention and quality of care that coaches and trainers are required to give in a sporting venue.

Many victims of concussions in car accidents and workplace injuries are simply unaware that they have sustained a concussion and don’t seek medical care.  Those that do are often sent home with the false message that, “Your concussion will go away in several days and you will be just fine.” That message serves only to perpetuate the oversight.

Recently, a survey conducted by a respected major health care organization determined that there is widespread misunderstanding and misconceptions even in the health care community, with medical doctors, nurses, and therapists of various types holding significant misconceptions about concussion injuries.

The public has been fooled into the false belief that the Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in professional football players which has been recently called to public attention is “news”.  Quite the contrary, that information was called to public attention by the National Brain Injury Foundation way back in 1986.  That concept was supported by brain pathology examination 30 years ago and is “old news”.  Yet, that information was neglected and ignored for all of those years.

MINNESOTA BRAIN INJURY ATTORNEYS are working to improve public awareness of the major health problem presented by concussion injuries and mild traumatic brain injuries.  They work very hard to get their clients treated by doctors who are certified a brain injury specialists.

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