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The problem of overlooked and neglected concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries has been declared to be “the silent epidemic”.  Many concussions are overlooked and “fly under the radar” of our health care system. Mild Traumatic Brain injuries are often dismissed as minor when, in fact, many produced serious, severe permanent and devastating disability.

Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of disability in the US.  Nearly 1.5 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury each year!! Approximately 5.3 million individuals have chronic disabilities as a direct result of  TBI.

90% of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs) or concussions. It is estimated that more than 50% of the mTBIs are overlooked and ignored.  Data collected by the author shows that 60% of the victims of moderate to severe car accidents have suffered a concussion and well more than half of that group either initially failed to seek medical treatment or the concussion was initially ignored by the medical doctors. It is truly a “silent epidemic”.

The most common cause of non-sports-related TBIs is motor vehicle collisions.  Data from the CDC indicates that motor-vehicle related incidents account of 50% of all TBIs in the US.

BRAIN INJURY LAWYERS MINNESOTA help their clients find doctors who are brain injury specialist who understand that concussion injuries and mild traumatic brain injuries are not a “mild” or minor problem.