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The Brain Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team calls to your attention that


                                                   Concussion-The Whiplash of the Brain.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team asks you to recognize the National Concussion Awareness Day on September 15, 2017.  This event is promoted by the Brain Injury Association of America.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team is a personal injury law firm that is a leader in the legal community in advocating for the rights of the victims of Concussion Injuries.

Senior Trial Lawyer Doug Schmidt has lectured extensively on the subject of Overlooked Concussion Injuries-to Doctors, Lawyers, and Chiropractors.  Recently, Schmidt has been one of the keynote speakers at The Brain Health Online Summit.  He also recently served as a keynote speaker to the North Dakota Trial Lawyers Association on the subject of “How To Bring Justice to the Victims of Overlooked Concussion Injuries.”

Schmidt is currently working of a book that will be published on the subject of Overlooked Concussion Injuries in Non-Sporting Events. Schmidt’s book will document the following facts regarding concussion injuries.

  1. A Concussion is a Traumatic Brain Injury-The Terms Are Interchangeable.
  2. Concussions/MTBIs Are a Major Health Problem the Significance of Which Is Seriously Underestimated.
  3. Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Have “Devastating” Consequences.
  4. The Recognition of the Severe Consequences of MTBIs Has Long Been Recognized But Grossly Ignored.
  5. There is an Overriding Psychology of Denial of Concussion Injuries.
  6. Many Concussion Injuries Go Unassessed and Unreported.
  7. Coup/Contra Coup is the “Whiplash of the Brain”.
  8. Modern Neuroscience is Now Recognizing a New Set of Rules Regarding MTBIs.
  9. Many Concussions Occur Without a Blow to the Head.
  10. The Symptoms of a Concussion are Many and Vary From Victim to Victim.
  11. Most Concussions Occur Without Loss of Consciousness.
  12. Victims of Concussions Cannot Be Expected to Reliably Self-Report Loss of Consciousness.
  13. The Existence of a MTBI Cannot Be Ruled Out by CT Scans and MRIs.
  14. The Glascow Coma Scale is Not a Reliable Indicator of the Existence of a Concussion Injury.
  15. Post Traumatic Amnesia Is a Reliable Indicator of Concussion.
  16. Non-Sports Related Concussions Do Not Have the Advantage of Immediate Attention or Recognition.
  17. Emergency Physicians Cannot Reliably Assess for an MTBI.
  18. Most Physicians Do Not Perform an Adequate Assessment (History and Exam) for Concussions.
  19. The Symptoms of a MTBI Are Often Not Immediate and Develop Progressively Over Days, Weeks, Months and Years.
  20. Vision Impairments Result From Concussions in a Significant Number of MTBI Cases.
  21. A Significant Percentage of MTBIs Result in a Permanent Impairment Condition.
  22. Immediate Acute Symptoms of MTBI Differ From the Long Term Consequences.
  23. Concussion Injuries to Children Often Have Major Long Term Consequences.
  24. Motor Vehicle Trauma Is a Leading Cause of Concussions.
  25. The Delayed and Long Term Consequences of a MTBI Are Many and Can be Severe.
  26. Emotional and Psychological Problems Often Accompany MTBIs.
  27. Chiropractors and Physical Therapists Can, and Should, Provide a Safety Net to Catch Overlooked Concussion Cases.
  28. There are Increased Risk Factors for Post Concussion Syndrome.
  29. The Psycho-Social Impact of Concussions Can Be Huge.
  30. Concussion Victims Are At Increased Risk for Repeated Concussions.
  31. MTBI Destroys Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Far More Than IQ.

Please join the Schmidt Salita Law Team in recognizing the National Concussion Awareness Day.  Our society has come a long way-with most of the advancements in the area of sports-related concussions.  We remain in the “Dark Ages” with regard to the tremendous significance of concussion injuries and the “devastating impact” that they produce.  The staff at the Schmidt Salita Law Team has dedicated itself to the recognition of concussion injuries in car accidents and other motor vehicle collisions, as well as in non-motor vehicle related trauma events including workplace injuries and fall injuries.  Please join us in recognizing the special day.

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