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August 2017
The Brain Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team calls to your attention that September 15th is NATIONAL CONCUSSION AWARENESS DAY.                                                     Concussion-The Whiplash of the Brain. The Schmidt Salita...
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LITIGATION, LAWSUIT LAWYER MINNEAPOLIS FOR PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM When a person has been injured and need a personal injury attorney, the strongest and best choice is a lawyer that has “been there, done that” in the courtroom before judges and juries-a litigation, lawsuit lawyer.  An injured person will hardly ever get a fair settlement with...
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UBER, LYFT INJURIES, PASSENGER’S RIGHTS- MINNEAPOLIS INJURY LAWYERS The Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team are very aware of the fact that many people today use Uber and Lyft in place of conventional taxi cabs.  Uber and Lyft have become a popular alternative to the standard taxi cab.  Uber and Lyft...
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Sleep impaired and drowsy, sleepy driving practices lead to car accidents are a huge safety problem in the United States. Car accidents and other motor vehicle collisions, including trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and car pedestrian accidents caused by drivers who continue driving when drowsy or sleep impaired have been determined to be a...
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TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY LAWYER MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA-TYPES OF BRAIN INJURIES. The Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have 40 years of experience in representing the victims of Brain Injuries and Head Injuries, including Concussion Injuries, Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries, and other types of Head Injuries. Senior Trial Lawyer Douglas Schmidt is the...
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MINNEAPOLIS HEAD & BRAIN INJURY LAWYERS at the SCHMIDT SALITA LAW TEAM 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH HEAD & BRAIN INJURIES. Douglas E. Schmidt, the Senior Trial Lawyer at the Schmidt Salita Law Team, has more than 40 years of experience, practicing as a personal injury lawyer.  He has limited his practice to the representation of...
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