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Vision is one of the 5 senses that humans enjoy.  Vision is perhaps the most valuable.  When a person suffers an injury to eyesight, the loss can be huge.  The Schmidt Salita Law Team recognizes the value of good vision.  They know how important vision is to the quality of life.  They have many years experience in representing the victims of eye injury and vision loss caused by the negligence and fault of others. They bring the value of that experience to each new case.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has over 70 years of experience in over 10,000 successful personal injury and wrongful death cases.  They are a 5 star rated, AV rated law firm.  Their experience has involved case of injury to the eyes, as well as a wide variety of other types of injuries.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team Has a Great Track Record of Success With Eye and Vision Injury Cases.

Senior Trial Lawyer Doug Schmidt at the Schmidt Salita Law Team has successfully represented the victims of eye injury and vision loss.  The following are examples:

Case #1-Eye Injury to Farm Worker-Southwestern Minnesota farm worker suffered vision loss when sprayed in the eyes by aqua ammonia in a -field fertilizer applicator.  The case was brought as a products liability claim against the manufacturer of the field applicator equipment.  The case was taken to trial in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis where Schmidt won a jury verdict on behalf of his client.  The case was appealed to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, where Schmidt again won on behalf of his client.

Case #2-Scott County Child Loses Sight in One Eye-A Scott County child was struck in the eye by another child who threw a stick directly into her eye.  Schmidt brought a claim against the other child, seeking to recover under that child’s family homeowner insurance policy.  The case was successfully settled before trial.

Case #3-Medical Malpractice Case Against Mayo Clinic Involving Loss of Sight in One Eye-Detroit Michigan lawyer suffered lost of vision in one eye in medical malpractice claim against Mayo Clinic.  The case was tried to a jury in US District Court in Minneapolis.  Schmidt’s client won.  The case was appealed to the 8th Circuit.  In the end, a favorable result was reached.

Case #4-Maple Grove Woman Suffers Traumatic Glaucoma From Airbag Injury-A Maple Grove woman sustained an injury to her face and eyes when the airbags struck her in a single car collision in St. Paul, Minnesota.  As  a result, she developed traumatic glaucoma.  She was riding as a passenger in a car with a sleep impaired driver who was uninsured.  Claim was brought against the Uninsured Motorist insurance under her own policy.  The case went to arbitration.  She won and a $385,000.00 award was issued in her favor.

Schmidt Has Lectured and Authored on the Subject of Eye Injuries.

In the case against Mayo Clinic mentioned above and the injury to the child, the injury was to a single eye.  In the case against Mayo Clinic, the Defense argued that the loss of vision in a single eye is not really that important because the victim still has a single eye that works just fine-and the disability is not that great.  The Defense called an expert witness who was an opthamologic surgeon from the University of Minnesota to make that claim.  Schmidt’s cross examination successfully destroyed that claim.  The witness admitted that the visual field is signifcantly reduced, that driving with a single eye is less safe, and that depth perception is reduced.  He admitted that a person with sight in only one eye does not have a “back-up” in case of a problem with the only eye.  Finally, the witness admitted that he would not be able to do eye surgery if he had only one eye.  The jury understood and made a favorable jury award to the victim.

Schmidt has authored journal articles on the subject of proving injury to the sight of one eye which have been published in the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Magazine as well as the Journal of the Texas Trial Lawyers and other publications.

Schmidt Salita Has Experience in a Wide Variety of Personal Injury Types.

The trial lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have extensive knowledge and experience with a wide variety of personal injury types, including:

-Toxic Chemical Injuries-Schmidt successfully prosecuted over 30 cases of chemical burns to pulmonary (lung) tissues due to toxic Zamboni fumes in an ice arena.

-Whiplash Injuries-Schmidt has lectured extensively and authored several respected journal articles on the subject of “Diagnosis and Proof of Ligamentous Injuries of the Cervical Spine:

-Concussion Injuries-Schmidt is recognized as a leading authority on the subject of “Overlooked Concussion Injuries”.  He has lectured as a keynote speaker at the Brain Injury Summit Online.  Recently, he was asked to speak to the North Dakota Trial Lawyers in that subject.  His track record includes a number of recent settlements for client with concussion injuries that came into his office without a diagnosed concussion injury.

-Sacroiliac Joint Injuries-Schmidt recently won a jury verdict against American Family for the victim of a sacroiliac joint injury.

-Amputation Injuries-Schmidt has successfully prosecuted personal injury cases against major corporations for traumatic amputation injuries.  That includes traumatic amputation of an arm of a South Dakota child in a product liability case against International Harvester involving an grain auger.  It includes the bilateral amputation of a Southeastern Minnesota farm boy in a case against a large corporation in another farm injury case involving a product liability claim against Rockwell International.  It includes the amputation of a dominant hand of the mechanic of a construction company in a case involving a construction equipment machine.  It includes the amputation of a construction worker due to a product liability defect in an industrial hand-held electric drill against Black and Decker the tool manufacturer.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has locations throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Osseo, Anoka, Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Center, Fridley, Blaine, Shoreview, Woodbury, Falcon Heights, Columbia Park, Stillwater, Hastings, Inver Grove, Cottage Grove, South St. Paul, Apple Valley, Eagan, Burnsville, Savage, Shakopee, Richfield, Bloomington, Chaska, Chanhassen, Edina, Eden Prairie, and Hopkins.