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July 3, 2017
MINNESOTA FARM TRUCK INJURY LAWYER-5 STAR RATED, EXPERIENCED WITH FARM INJURY CASES The Minnesota Farm Truck Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have over 70 years experience in handling various personal injury and wrongful death claims in Minnesota.  That experience includes many cases of injury to farmers and farmer workers Many of those...
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MINNESOTA’S CONCUSSION AWARENESS LAW-CONCUSSION INJURY LAWYERS In 2011, the Minnesota legislature recognized that public awareness of the consequences of concussion injuries needed to be improved.  It passed what is generally called the Minnesota Concussion Awareness Law. MINNESOTA LAW DEFINES A “CONCUSSION” INJURY. The Minnesota Concussion Injury  Awareness Law has been incorporated into the Minnesota statutes...
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MINNESOTA CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS-5 STAR RATED BY CLIENTS. CAR ACCIDENTS-THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF MINNESOTA INJURY CLAIMS. Minnesota car accident injury cases are the majority of personal injury cases that arise in the entire state of Minnesota. Annually over 30,000 Americans are killed and over 2 million injured in motor vehicle collisions. The National Highway...
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CHILD INJURY LEGAL CLAIMS in Minnesota have a number of important legal issues that require the services of skilled and experienced Minnesota child injury lawyer. PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHILD’S MEDICAL BILLS. First, when a child is injured in Minnesota, the child’s legal parents remain primarily responsible for the legal bills. In most cases,...
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FACTS ABOUT MINNESOTA WRONGFUL DEATH CLAIMS MINNESOTA WRONGFUL DEATH INJURY LAWYERS-FACTS ABOUT WRONGFUL DEATH CLAIMS IN MINNESOTA. Minnesota law allows the family members of a person killed as a result of the fault of another person to recover in what is termed a Minnesota wrongful death claim. The Minnesota wrongful death injury. It lawyers at...
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