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MINNEAPOLIS WRONGFUL DEATH LAWYERS have successfully handled over 60 wrongful death cases.

They note that the family of Philandro Castille settled his wrongful death claims for $3 million. This was a “high profile” case. The Minneapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers believe that “low profile” cases deserve equal protection.  Human lives all have value to family members.

Under Minnesota law, the value of any wrongful death is measured by the “pecuniary loss” to the family.  “Pecuniary loss” is “monetary loss”, i.e. dollars and cents losses.  However, under Minnesota law, “pecuniary loss” includes the monetary value of “aid, comfort, society, companionship and support”.

Support can be measured in money terms.  The loss of a wage earner who was “bringing home the bacon”, i.e. his paycheck, can to measured mathematically.

The value of the love and affection, the emotional support, and the intangible qualities of a loving husband, father/mother, or child is far more difficult to quantify in dollar terms.  That is where the abilities of a great wrongful death lawyer are valuable.

The Castille settlement may not be a fair index for other wrongful death cases.  There were many political factors, even nationwide, that motivated the amount of that settlement that will not be a factor in other cases which do not have those considerations.