Injury, Workers Comp, & Wrongful Death Lawyers



Personal injury victims need an aggressive, tough, respected and successful personal injury lawyer.

Schmidt Salita Law Team senior trial lawyer Douglas Schmidt says, Knowledge of the law doesn’t make you a good lawyer any more than knowledge of the rule book makes you a good football player.  A good personal injury lawyer needs to have knowledge of the law, but also great people skills. He needs to have good listening skills.  He needs to listen and to understand people.  He needs to relate to their needs-their injuries, their pain, their financial need when the medical bills are coming in and they aren’t able to work. He needs to understand what they are going through.  He needs to be able to explain to them a process that most of them haven’t ever gone through before-and don’t understand. Dean and I bring that to the practice.

A great personal injury also needs to know and understand injury medicine in  order to present a strong evidentiary case in support of the  personal injury claim.

Schmidt also says, “A great personal injury lawyer should have those skills.  A really great personal injury lawyer also has a great competitive edge-a burning desire to do the best for the client.  That is what I believe sets us apart from other lawyers and law firms. Every minute of our practice we are fighting a big insurance company like State Farm with billions of dollars of reserves and hundreds of thousands of skilled and experienced people in their employment. You can’t bring justice to your clients cases without a deep burning urge to win for the client.”

Douglas Schmidt says that the best compliment he has ever received was from a Judge’s court reporter that said to his client, “Doug works as hard on his small cases as he does on  the big ones!”