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CONCUSSION INJURY ATTORNEY LAWYER, Douglas Schmidt of the Schmidt Salita Law Team knows that many concussion injuries are overlooked.  They are overlooked in some cases because the victim does not seek medical attention.  They are overlooked in other cases where the health care providers either (1) fail to properly screen for concussion, or (2) don’t understand how to properly screen for concussion, or (3) just don’t screen at all.

One of the main symptoms of concussion injuries and traumatic brain injuries is that of vision problems.

Vision deficits caused by concussion injury and traumatic brain injury include the following:

-Blurred vision

-Double vision

-Photophobia-excessive sensitivity to bright lights.

-Visual inattention (reduced ability to focus on visual tasks)

-Convergence deficits-where the concussion victim has difficulty focusing from far to near and near to far vision.

-Scanning difficulties (Saccadic deficits, i.e.reduced ability to scan from side to side or up and down)

-Reduced visual alignment (Where the 2 eyes do not track together)

-Loss of Visual field

The victims of concussion injuries need the services of a CONCUSSION INJURY ATTORNEY who understands concussion injuries and understands how to find proper medical/health care for concussion injuries.

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