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CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS at the Schmidt Salita Law Team know that a large percentage of the car accidents that occur in Minnesota, or elsewhere, are rear-end collisions.  Rear end collision accidents usually occur because the driver of the car that does the “rear-ending” wasn’t able to stop in time to avoid collision.

Stopping time is a function of a number of factors including:

-Driver attentiveness;

-Stopping or braking distance;

-Driver reaction time;

-Braking efficiency of the vehicle;

-Co-efficiency of friction of the roadway.

Driver reaction time is a critical factor.  Research shows that only half of all drivers can respond in 1.64 seconds, while 10% are not able to respond in 2.64 seconds.

At 60 miles per hour, a vehicle is moving 88 feet per second.  That means that a car traveling at 60 miles per hour will travel 164 feet before the driver can react and even start to go for the brakes.

At 60 miles per hour, the braking distance is generally about 180 feet!!!

The total distance to stop is 334 feet!!!

Those numbers are very scary and explain why the large majority of motor vehicle collisions are “rear-end” collisions.  Most drivers in highway conditions simply do not maintain enough distance between their vehicle and the vehicle ahead in order to be able to safely stop.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team is committed to bring justice to the victims of rear end collisions in personal injury and wrongful death cases.