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Whiplash injuries are no joke.  They can be minor and go away in weeks or months.  They can also be very serious and the cause of long-term major disability.  The American Medical Association recognizes the chronic pain from neck and back injuries to be the major cause of disabilility and medical expense.

Whiplash injuries affect different people in different ways.  The following are the well-recognized factors affecting the severity of the consequences of whiplash trau ma.

-The gender of the victim is very significant. (Medical literature recognizes that women generally experience greater injury than men)

-The direction in which the head is facing is a significant factor influencing the severity of the cervical injury.

-The angle of collision of the vehicles is also a significant factor. (More injury typically results from an angular collision as opposed to a direct, straight-ahead collision).

-The amount of injury is directly related to the amount of flexion-extension of the head and neck which is not directly related to the closing speed of the vehicles.

-Body positioning of the victim is also a critical variable.

-Seat back characteristics and positioning are considered to be “probably one of the most overlooked variables…and may also be one of the leading causes of injury.” (“Ramping, where the victim is moved up and back over the seat back.”)

-Positioning of the head rest can greatly influence the severity of the severity of the cervical injury. (Studies show that as many as 70-90% of head restraints are not properly adjusted.  Poorly adjusted head restraints greatly increase the severity of cervical injury.)

The size and shape of the victim is also an important factor. (Taller people are at greater risk.  The muscle mass and conditioning of the neck musculature is also significant.)

-Age is considered to be a very “dramatic” factor. (The severity of cervical injuries increases with the age of the victim.)

-The level of preparedness of the victim is important.

-The victim’s individual range of extension is another important factor. (“In short, what may be well within the normal range of extension for one person may be hyperextension for another.”)

-Seat belt usage and positioning is another variable of significance.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team says this: One size does not fit all when it comes to whiplash.  Every case must be tailored to the needs of the person.  Personal injury with personal attention of each case is important.

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