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NECK & BACK INJURY LAWYERS-Whiplash Causes Intervertebral Disc Injury

NECK & BACK INJURY LAWYERS-Whiplash trauma causes intervertebral disc injuries.

The Personal Injury lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Firm have many years experience in successfully handled neck and back injuries resulting from car accidents.  Many of those cases have involved injuries to the intervertebral discs of the neck and back.  Intervertebral discs connect the vertebrae of the spine, from the neck to the low back and act as shock absorbers.

Intervertebral disc injuries can be herniations, protrusions, extrusions, or annular fissures and tears.  All of these injury types are the result of degeneration and can produce chronic pain.  Some require surgery.

Whiplash Trauma Causes Break Down of Intervertebral Discs in the Neck and Back.

For a long time, medical experts have known that excessive mechanical loading of the intervertebral discs occurring during the trauma of a motor vehicle collision contributes to degeneration, and the development of chronic pain.  Recent medical biomedical research has provided proof of that concept.  Studies conducted at in the Oorthopedic Research Laboratory, a division of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at McGill University in Montréal, Canada have established direct evidence in this regard. The study investigated the biomechanical changes and extra cellular disruption of the intervertebral disc which occurs following acute mechanical injury, such as occurs in motor vehicle collisions.

Recent Research Provides Direct Evidence of the Connection Between Trauma and Disc Degeneration and Pain.

This work provides direct evidence linking the acute trauma of a motor vehicle collision to the progressive degeneration of the structure of the intervertebral disc and the development of discogenic pain occurring as the result.

This study was reported in the European Cells and Materials Journal, Volume 28; 98-111, in an article entitled Acute Mechanical Injury of the Human Intervertebral Disc: Link to Degeneration and Pain.