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CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER MINNETONKA MN is Douglas Schmidt of the Schmidt Salita Law Team.  Schmidt is an AV rated (by Martindale Hubbell), 5 star rated (by clients) and Pre-eminent rated by

Schmidt has 40 years experience in bringing justice to the victims of car accidents in over 6,000 successful cases.

Schmidt is recognized as one of the best No Fault and At Fault lawyers in the State of Minnesota. He has successfully tried car accident cases in Minnesota State Courts and US District Court in Minnesota.  He has also successfully tried car accident cases in Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota.

His experience includes many wrongful death cases arising out of car accidents.  He has successfully handled cases involving distracted driving due to drowsiness, cell phone usage, and alcohol and drug usage.

Remember-You Don’t Have to Go Downtown For the Best Personal Injury Lawyers.  MINNETONKA’S CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS are located in your neighborhood at 13911 Ridgedale Dr. #325, Minnetonka, MN 55305. The office provides easy, walk-in, ground level, handicapped accessible office space with ample free parking.