Injury, Workers Comp, & Wrongful Death Lawyers


A Wrongful Death settlement was recently approved by Judge Christina Wietzema in the Cottonwood County Courthouse in Windom, Minnesota.

The case involved the death of a Minneapolis, Minnesota man who was killed in a collision between the car in which he was riding as a passenger.  That car was driven by a Jackson, Minnesota driver which collided with another vehicle driven by a Sandborn, Minnesota man.

The collision also involved significant injuries to other passengers.

The family of the wrongful death victim was represented by Minneapolis lawyer Douglas E. Schmidt of the Schmidt Salita Law Team.  Schmidt practiced law in Worthington, Minnesota before moving his practice to the Twin Cities.  During his years of practice in Worthington, he served as trial lawyer in a number of personal injury cases in Cottonwood County.  He now practices with the Schmidt Salita Law Team which specializes in personal injury and wrongful death cases involving car accidents, workplace injuries and injuries from other traumatic events.