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Cost of Personal Injury Lawyer, Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities-Contingent Fees.

What is the cost of a Personal Injury Lawyer?  When a person has been injured, how can they afford a personal injury lawyer?

The answer is quite simple.  Most personal injury lawyers, even the best, will work on a contingent fee contract.  That means that they will accept payment for their legal services only when they bring home a settlement.  Only then will they get paid.  Only then do they get paid as a percentage of the settlement.

Most contingent fee personal injury attorneys will even advance the out-of-pocket expenses of handling the case.

Most contingent fee personal injury lawyers are willing to work on an hourly basis, but few injured persons have the financial ability or the willingness to gamble.  Contingent fee lawyer are willing to gamble on the outcome.  If a contingency fee lawyer is willing to take a case, the client should usually be comfortable that the case is worth pursuing.