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The Minneapolis Truck Accident Lawyers of the Schmidt Salita Law Team have experience in placing cases in Federal Court, i.e. U.S.District Court.  They have much experience in placing cases “in suit” in the Minnesota District Courts.

The US Federal Court, i.e. US District Courts, have jurisdiction over cases involving a federal question, i.e. a matter of federal law.  Because all him all large commercial truck traveling in interstate commerce are governed by federal safety regulations, a question of federal law is present in most large commercial trucking accident cases. In those cases, the federal courts will take jurisdiction.

The federal courts also have jurisdiction over “diversity cases” where the parties to the lawsuit are residents of different states. However, federal “diversity” require that the dispute involves $75,000 or more.

Even if there is a federal law issue involved, the state courts have jurisdiction.  The Defendant trucking company has the right to remove the case to federal court if federal jurisdiction applies.

It is very important that the victims of a trucking accident collision retain a lawyer with knowledge and experience in handling large commercial truck accident case. The Schmidt Salita Law Team have the knowledge and experience to will help you through the process and lead you to a successful result.