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CONCUSSION INJURY LAWYERS know that medical records are important evidence in any personal injury case.  When a person has sustained a concussion injury, it is important that the medical records provide solid evidence of that injury.

All health care providers are required by law to give all injury and disease conditions the proper ICD10 coding. (ICD stands for International Classification of Disease.)

The proper ICD10 codes for concussion injuries are as follows:

S06.0x0                      Concussion without loss of consciousness

S06.0x0                      Concussion with loss of consciousness of 30 minutes or less

S06.0x0                      Concussion with loss of consciousness of 31 to 59 minutes

S06.0x9                      Concussion with loss of consciousness of unspecified duration

R 41.1                         Anterograde amnesia

R 41.2                         Post traumatic (retrograde) amnesia

R 41.0                         Post traumatic confusion/disorientation

R 41.840                    Posttraumatic attention and concentration deficit

G 44.3.                       Post-traumatic headache

R42                             Post-traumatic dizziness/giddiness/vertigo

R11                             Post-traumatic nausea and vomiting are 11

H93.11                       Post traumatic tinnitus-right ear

H93.12                       Post traumatic tinnitus-left ear

G 47                            Post traumatic sleep disorder

41.840                       Post traumatic cognitive dysfunction-attention/concentration deficit

R 41.842.                   Visuo-spatial deficit/blurred vision/double vision/convergence deficit

F43.23                        Anxiety/depression

R45.4                          Irritability

The Concussion Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team know that when the medical/chiropractic records properly document the concussion injury, the injury victim has a much better opportunity to acheive a fair settlement.

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