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HOSPITAL MALPRACTICE resulting from HOSPITAL NEGLIGENCE can be the basis of a valid legal claim under Minnesota law.   Hospitals are legally responsible for the negligence of the nurses, medical technicians, pharmacists, laboratory workers, hospitalists and other employees of hospitals.  A “hospitalist” is a medical doctor who is employed by the hospital to provide medical services to patients when those services are needed and not provided by staff doctors.

When a hospitalist is negligent, the result is medical malpractice-but medical malpractice for which the hospital is legally liable.  When other hospital employees are negligent, the hospital is legally liable whether it be nursing malpractice, pharmacist malpractice or malpractice of any other healthcare discipline.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has experience with hospital malpractice.  Here are examples:

  1. Nursing error in administering prescription medications in a St. Paul hospital causes patient’s death.
  2. Sexual assault of patient by staff member in Minneapolis hospital.
  3. Sexual assault of patient by another patient in Twin Cities hospital.
  4. Failure to properly assess/diagnose a lumbar spine injury in a Twin Cities hospital.
  5. Mistreatment of patient in Sioux Fall, South Dakota hospital.

Hospital Malpractice and Hospital Negligence causing injury, disability, and death deserves justice.  The Schmidt Salita Law Team offers a free consultation to review any Hospital Malpractice or Hospital Negligence case.