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CAR ACCIDENTS with SENIOR DRIVERS-Minneapolis Minnesota

Senior drivers get into proportionately more car accidents.  Senior usually get more severe injuries from car accidents.

Statistics compiled by the AAA showed that in 2009, 33 million licensed drivers in the US were over the age of 65.  That was a 20 % increase since 1999.  It estimates that by year 2030, 70 million US drivers will be over the age of 65-and nearly 90% licensed to drive.

In the last year when statistics were available, almost 6,000 senior drivers were killed in car accidents.  Over 220,000 were injured.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers these safety tips for older drivers:

  1.  Be sure to wear your seat belts.
  2. Avoid driving in bad conditions, bad weather, night.
  3. Get regular eye examinations.
  4. Avoid alcohol.
  5. Be sure to follow recommendations of prescription medications regarding driving.
  6. Use the safest routes.
  7. Plan your route well in advance to avoid confusion during the trip.
  8. Leave a large gap between you and the car ahead to minimize the effects of slower reaction times.
  9. Consider other alternatives to driving, bus, cab, friends,

The Car Accident Lawyers on the Schmidt Salita Law Team have seen thousands of car accidents.  They have helped seniors to acheive justice when injured in  a car accident.  They have seen that seniors get injured more seriously-and recover more slowly.  They have also seen the tragic effects of car accidents caused by senior drivers.